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10 reasons to start Pilates

Its the perfect time to start Pilates, even in the midst of CoVid and as I write this in hurricane season (eek!).This year has been just CRAZY there is no other word for it. Having a healthy immune system should be our number one priority and exercise is a key factor to a healthy immune system. Beginning a Pilates practice during a pandemic is a no brainer! Starting anything new can be intimidating but the beauty of Pilates is that it is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. It's time to get strong and shake off the CoVid funk. We all have a little more time at home, use some of that extra time to start a lifelong Pilates practice.

10 reasons to start Pilates in a pandemic

1. YOUR HEALTH ,exercise boosts your immune system!

2. Pilates is a mind-body exercise that is proven to reduce stress. (we need this so much!)

3. Breathing is one of the fundamental principles of Pilates, strong lungs 🙌🏻

4. Pilates meets you where you are; you do NOT need to be in shape to start Pilates!

5. Pilates helps improve strength, mobility, core strength, flexibility & cardiovascular health

6. Pilates helps you get up and down off the couch , totally important during Netflix binges!

7. Taking care of yourself enables you to care for others even better.

8. It's so satisfying to have a goal and master it , even if it's a struggle at first.

9. Getting sweaty fights depression and anxiety by giving you those feel good endorphins.

10. You are worth the effort. ❤️

You are totally worth it and there are so many options to get you started. You can start with private Pilates sessions which I always suggest because you get to play on the apparatus and that's FUN. Private sessions are just you and an instructor working on your goals, they are so helpful if you are a total beginner. It's so important to practice Pilates properly in order to get the most out of it. The guidance of an experienced Pilates instructor can make a big difference in your Pilates experience. Pilates is all about having the right form in order to get the best results. Personally I love working with clients one on one, it enables me to really personalize the sessions to their needs.

Before you make an appointment make sure the studio has a clear safety protocol in place and is following CDC recommendations. Our studio is requiring masks and continuing with our strict cleaning protocols.

* BTW wearing a mask while exercising actually strengthens your diaphragm! *

If you aren't ready for IRL there are a variety of options via Zoom. Taking a live-stream class doesn't require any fancy equipment just a mat and some good wi-fi. Privates and group classes are available in this format so that you can start this practice from your home.

Pilates is a life long practice that can help you in so many ways. Our clients are all so different yet they all have benefited so much from their Pilates practice. I like to say Pilates is the foundation to enable you to do all the other things you love to do with more ease, more strength, flexibility and balance.

So now IS the time to take care of your health , pandemic and all. Staying healthy and strong should be your number one priority always but especially now, I keep saying that over and over but its true! Make this time of uncertainty your time to learn something new , your time to take care of yourself and commit to a Pilates practice.

Remember it's a practice and starting is the hardest part.

Stay safe, keep moving and keep going.

xoxo Amy

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