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The perfect complement to Pilates

What is the perfect complement to Pilates? TRX ! TRX is the perfect complement to Pilates because it works the big muscles (think glutes, quads and deltoids ) it gets you standing so you are working balance and guess what ? Like Pilates it's all core all the time. TRX suspension training was created by Randy Hendrick ( retired Navy Seal). He created it to maintain muscle strength and stamina while on remote locations with no access to gym equipment. In the deserts of the Middle East they were able to run for cardio but they had to get creative to maintain muscle mass and that is when TRX was born . The first straps were fashioned out of parachute straps. You may be thinking I can't do the same workout as a Navy Seal, WRONG!! That is the beauty of the TRX method it's an efficient workout for all levels. The TRX straps are secured either in a door or by anchor in the ceiling and you can make the movement more or less challenging by changing your angle. An advanced client and a beginner client can pretty much do the same workout, by tweaking their angles to fit their fitness level. Most of our TRX clients are 60-80yrs old proving that this workout is for every age and fitness level.

Cass is doing an advanced progression of the TRX rollout/tricep press in this video.

( in our old studio Pilates Center of Viera). Cass has been with us a long time and it shows! The combination of TRX and Pilates has helped her offest the progression of osteoporosis.

If you are looking for a way to increase strength, mobility , core and balance TRX is a great addition to your fitness routine. There is a learning curve so it's recommended that you start with a class or private session taught by a certified TRX instructor. It's important the instructor is certified for many reasons but most importantly your safety as well as knowing the vast variety of exercises. Rows and squats are a standard but there is much more to work on with the straps and many progressions to accommodate all fitness levels.

Ps. No, you will never swing upside down from the straps (everyone asks but you may do planks with your feet in the straps, taking planks to a whole new level!

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