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CoVid Update

It's been a week!

As most of you know one of my clients unfortunately came down with CoVid. She is pretty certain she was exposed after she saw me but I talked to my dr, and to be extra safe I got tested (negative) and self quarantining for 2 weeks from the day I was exposed (I was only one that was in studio with her) I feel great and do not think I was exposed but I am doing this out of extreme caution. Bottom line I would feel terrible if I passed this on to anyone. Francesca and I are taking things day by day and we have come up with a new set of protocols .

Inspired by the current spike in CoVid cases and our concern for everyones health.

We will be reopening July 17th with these guidelines.

  1. Masks required for all parties. No exceptions.

  2. Wash hands , take off shoes upon arrival

  3. If you have traveled out of state, been on a plane, exposed to anyone with CoVid. You must stay out of studio for 2 weeks.

  4. If you come down with CoVid (please don't) You must test negative twice before you come back to studio.

Your health is our number one priority. For that reason we continue to offer virtual sessions, classes, privates and duos. There is SO much we can do with no props but I am also lending out any props you would like to borrow. Magic Circles, foam rollers, bands, weights,TRX straps, kettle bells , bosu, balls etc.

I learned this week that my mindset has been all wrong. I thought once we came back to the studio things would be "normal" but I was so wrong! This is a CoVid marathon not a sprint. So I am taking this extra time of self quarantine to get my head on straight.

A few things on my to do list...I am starting to plan a virtual workshop for you all (details coming) and a virtual Bingo game...because I have Village Pilates swag to give away! Woo!Hoo!

I have been studying with some of my favorite movement teachers and seeing some progress in my own practice. Which is so cool !!!

On a personal side I have 2 paintings in the works, a bunch of good books , so many flowers to tend and a dishwasher to unload (it feels like constantly! 😜)

What is keeping you inspired right now? I'd love to hear from you!

This is a hard season for all of us . In a weird way it's comforting to know we are in this together. Please say a prayer for my client (whom is home but not feeling great)

Your kindness, support and understanding mean everything to us.

Keep moving, be kind and do some Pilates!

We will see you IRL on 7/17 or Zoomland.

Xo, Amy and Francesca ❤️

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Karla Roberts

You two are the best!!! Take care and keep strong!

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