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Quarantine Life

Hi! How are you doing?

It is such a strange, scary and uncertain time for us all. I find it weirdly reassuring that we are all going through this together and still the favorite part of my day is seeing my community taking class together. As the state starts to talk about opening back up Francesca and I have been talking about our plan. I'm not certain how Village Pilates navigates opening up. Like the country, I think it's in stages and we will be very cautious and careful .Our timeline may not be the same as other businesses because my number one priority is the health of YOU and us. When it feels right Village Pilates awaits!

For now it's the Zoom life! The only reason I know what day it is😂😜.

We are so thankful for your support. Thanks to you, our virtual classes are going great and we even have some brave souls doing virtual privates with us. It is not the same as being open but we are hanging in there and can't wait to see you in real life!

Virtual classes are not as intimidating as you might think, all you do is sign up online (through the website or Wellness Living Achieve App) we then send you the zoom link . All you need is a mat and some floor space. Payments are taken through Venmo or check by mail. Private virtual sessions are booked by appointment.

This extra time has been a blessing to get our new space ready for you . It's really coming along!! New AC is being put in today,we have fresh paint, new floors and the TRX room is ready to go!

I can't wait for you all to see it.

It feels good in there and hey, the reformers really miss you and so do I ❤️.

Stay tuned for updates on opening till then its all Zoom , all the time.

Looking forward to seeing you virtually real soon!

Peace, Love and Pilates ,


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