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Virtual Pilates

It's a crazy uncertain time for all of us, small businesses especially. I have ordered the flooring , scheduled the movers and the signage. I hope that the pandemic doesn't hinder the opening of Village Pilates but until things calm down we will continue to do the right thing and stay closed. However movement is even more important in times like these and so is community. So virtual Pilates classes and private sessions are on !

It's very simple just download the zoom app , access the link on our Facebook page

or text me 321-749-2972. The schedule will be posted daily .

Sessions and classes are the same price as the studio, if you currently have a package with us you can use that , if not we are taking payment through Venmo


Props are not required but if staying home is required for a long time there are a few props that may enhance your home practice . Therabands , Foam rollers, Small squishy ball, stability ball and small weights. Pricier options would be TRX straps, Bosu, and Rip trainer.

We are all trying to adjust to this situation and staying healthy while being safe is my number one priority. It's widely known in the Pilates world that Joseph Pilates kept the soldiers healthy at the Isle of Man by teaching them his method. Not one of the soldiers came down with the Spanish Flu. So keep moving, get fresh air and sunshine. We are here for you virtually until we can be here for you in person.

The TRX Friday class meeting virtually for now...10am Functional Strength .

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