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TRX at home

Happy Saturday! I hope this finds you well. So, hair salons are open starting Monday

(and YES!! happy dance!!) I'm sure our time is coming soon. As you know we will be going back in our own way. I don't forsee group classes for some time soooo I decided to add a couple TRX classes to the livestream schedule AND I'm lending out straps!🙌🏻

I can give you the anchors to put in your ceiling or you can purchase a door anchor from TRX.

TRX is an amazing compliment to Pilates , it helps you build strength using your own bodyweight while working your core the whole time! Its suitable for ALL fitness levels really. So if you want to borrow a set of straps just message me and we can arrange a pick up time.

Starting this week we have 2 new classes added to our livestream.

430pm Wednesday TRX

10am Thursday TRX Flow

Book on our website or through the Wellness Living App.

TRX classes are the same rate as regular classes .

You can pay through Venmo or check by mail.

I don't know who this lady is but a good example of how you can anchor in anywhere pretty much..a door, a tree, a jungle gym , a swing set.

We can't wait to see you in IRL BUT we are taking your health in our hands so we must do this with great care . Thank you for your continued support during this crazy time.

Stay healthy , keep moving and enjoy this beautiful spring weather. xoxo ,Amy

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