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Sweat Therapy

Happy Saturday and Summer Solstice .

The world is complicated to say the least right now and we are all affected by it in our own unique ways. Meaningful conversations with family and friends has been a great comfort to me during this time. Turning off the news occasionally and unplugging has also been a gamechanger. Personally movement is my number one medicine and NOT to look a certain way but to feel better!

( although I am currently trying to lose some lbs that I picked up during quarantine😜)

I call it sweat therapy and it works!

Get that body moving and break sweat and 💥 you get a nice little boost of energy and endorphins. Our livestream classes are still going strong. We tweak the schedule occasionally so check out our website or the Wellness Living App .

We are open for private sessions and duos by appointment.

Social distancing and strict cleaning protocols are in place.

If you have never tried Pilates we are running a new client special 3 private sessions for $159. ***Pilates is literally for EVERYBODY and those weird looking machines are FUN!***

Open houses are on hold but if you want to come by and say hi, check out the studio call me or text me 321-749-2927 and we can make that happen!

Francesca and I can't solve the worlds problems (we try in our early am chats) but we can help you feel better through movement. Thats a big deal , if you feel better it will flow out into your day and into everyone that you come into contact with, so maybe we are changing the world? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hang in there! Keep moving , Spread Kindness and WASH YOUR HANDS


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